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Hello there.

Good day!

So much fun stuff has been going on here at CuPID Controls that I thought we should talk about it. So many great forums and knowledge articles have been created by tech lovers such as myself. I have learned so much and been so inspired to create by all of the wonderful little microcontroller, microcomputer, sensor, network, javscript (and more) projects strewn across the interwebs. I felt I needed to give back, to update on what we are doing here to hopefully bring a little something extra to the scene, and in the end bring some projects, products, and knowledge to spice things up.

We’ll start with some bits and pieces of the projects we’ve been working on, and hopefully send on some videos of some stuff we like.

To set the stage, I’ll outline what we are interested in .. in broad strokes. We like linux, microcomputers, sensors, monitoring, databasing, networked control and instrumentation, mesh networks, smart energy and home controls, and everything in between. We are huge fans and proponents of the Raspberry Pi, and often use it as a platform to build cheap and fun projects. We play with 1Wire, SPI, I2C, MODBUS TCP/IP and CAN. We want to see if we can’t just make an RPi-based platform an everything device. So far, so good.

Anyhow, please chirp in and tell us what interests you, if you see fit. Otherwise we’ll just continue to babble about our little geek projects.

Cheers! ~C