Why CuPID? Because your Pi can do more.

So what are we doing? We’re making the most flexible general purpose controller. It’s a PLC. It’s a home automation controller. It’s a sensor gateway. It’s a home energy management system. It’s a homebrewer’s time and beer saver. It’s a hacker’s start at web-enabled IO. It’s many more.  What makes it able to do all of these things (and well) is a pretty typical combination of the hardware to do the job and the software to interface with the humans.

The Hardware

With all of the applications we’ve just described, there are a lot of things that need to be included. Below is what we consider the core of essential functionality, and how things stack up. What we’ve done is taken the beauty, simplicity, and raw potential of the Raspberry Pi, added a few goodies, and made everything simply accessible inside a pretty protective box. What we haven’t done is throw in a whole bunch of stuff you might or might not need, like relays or hardware switches. Nice and simple, so you can plug in whatever modules and functionality you may need.

Core Hardware

Raspberry Pi CuPID
Runs *nix X X
Powered USB X
WiFi X
1Wire X
Programmable Indicators X
IO on standard cabling X
Replaceable Fuse X
Durable Enclosure X
NEMA-rated Enclosure Option X
Remote Sensor Options X**
Camera Option X**

**In development

The software

The special sauce is the interface. It’s not always about doing things people can’t do. It’s about not reinventing the wheel. A lot of us could, for example, write static or dynamic html that produces the page you’re looking at. But we have bigger ideas to focus on. The CuPID is designed around this principle. Produce an API and interface for the IO that allows flexible control, logging, and databasing of what you want, when you want. Put it all in an HTML5-compliant, device-agnostic interface that allows the hacker and system developer alike to build powerful control systems.  Here are the basics, and you can see a little more detail here: http://interfaceinnovations.org/ccsoftware.html

OS raspbian wheezy
control languages Python 2.7, 3.0 compliant
databasing sqlite
interface html/js/jquery, jquerymobile
controller/model wsgi/python
web service apache

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